Panchayat S3 cast salary equals an iPhone per episode

Panchayat Season 3 cast salary is out! From Sachiv Ji to Banrakas, here's the greenback they are earning per episode that is equivalent to the cost of a brand-new iPhone.


Yet another TVF series Panchayat S3 streaming on Amazon Prime Video has garnered opulent love & praise living up to its hype.

Earning Big💸

The most anticipated question that arises when something goes viral online is "How much are they getting paid?" Here's a glimpse of the amount that will blow your mind!

Lead actor Jitendra Kumar a.k.a Abhishek Tripathi is being paid a whopping INR 70,000 for an episode, which leads to 5,60,000 for the season.

Jitendra Kumar a.k.a Sachiv Ji

Neena Gupta a.k.a Manju Devi

Veteran actress Neena Gupta a.k.a Manju Devi was reportedly paid the second highest amount of INR 50,000 per episode, amounting to 4,00,000 overall.

Raghubir Yadav a.k.a Pradhan Ji

Neena Gupta's on screen husband Raghubir Yadav a.k.a Pradhan Ji charged Rs. 40,000 per episode, totalling to 3,20,000 for the season.

Chandan Roy a.k.a Vikas Ji

Chandan Roy, who played the role of Vikas Ji was paid approx INR 20,000 per episode, brining in the total of 1,60,000.

Other Stars

However, salaries of remaining cast is not disclosed yet, but it is anticipated to be around the same as of these actors.

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