Once Corporate Professionals, Now Billionaires

Lets take a look at the successful people who were fired from their jobs before they became substantially wealthy.

Walt Disney

He was fired from his animation job for lacking creativity. However, he founded Disneyland and revolutionised entertainment.

J. K. Rowling

She was fired from her secretary job for spending too much time daydreaming. However, she is now one of the richest authors, who wrote the Harry Potter series.

Elvis Presley

He was fired by his concert hall manager and said that he was better off driving trucks. However, he became the "King of Rock and Roll & earned hefty.

He was fired from the Cleveland Browns due to a lack of success. However, he later became a legendary NFL coach with the New England Patriots, winning several Super Bowls.

Bill Belichick

He was fired as a salesman from a software company. However, he later founded Broadcast.com and became a billionaire entrepreneur with several other businesses.

Mark Cuban

Anna Wintour

She was fired as Junior Editor because her shoots were claimed too "edgy." Later became the most powerful figure in fashion, transforming Vogue.

She was dismissed from WJZ-TV for being unsuitable for the role. But she later gained fame with her influential talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Oprah Winfrey


She was dismissed from her position at Dunkin Donuts for squirting jelly filling on customers. However, she later became one of the most prominent singer.

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