New AI Algorithm Can Predict Earthquakes?

A recent experiment of AI-driven earthquake prediction tool showcased 70% accuracy and this changes everything. 

Massive Destruction

The massive destruction following massive earthquakes is not hidden to anyone.

The Team Behind The Tool

A team of scientists led by Sergey Fomel, a Professor at University of Texas are working on building the tool. 

The Results

The results of this training was a weekly forecast that accurately predicted the magnitudes of 14 earthquakes. 

The Error

However, the experiment missed one earthquake and issued erroneous alerts.

More Testing

Researchers admit that more testing is necessary for the AI algorithm to give a better success rate.

A Simple Learning Approach

By giving the AI a set of statistical attributes based on their understanding of earthquake physics & training, the researchers used a simple machine learning approach.

Published Study

The study is published in journal Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.

The Impact

Although we are in the testing stage, the use of AI for predicting natural disasters will largely help save lives globally. 

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