This Netflix series reveals the secrets to live to 100 years

"Secrets of the Blue Zones" premiered on August 30, following Buettner from California to Japan, exploring the formula for living to 100.

Who is Dan Buettner?

Dan Buettner, a leading expert on longevity, began a National Geographic journey 20 years ago to study Blue Zones with many centenarians.

The Blue Zone Formula

Blue Zones' longevity isn't solely due to genetics; it's 20% genes, 10% personal choices, 10% healthcare & 60% environment, including habits & community.

Whole-food, plant-based diet

Blue Zone diets are mostly plant-based, similar to Forks Over Knives, with mindful eating and device-free mealtime with loved ones.

Natural Movement

Blue Zone residents don't exercise traditionally but have active daily lives with frequent natural movement, making exercise less necessary.

Social Connections

Blue Zone longevity underscores strong social ties, prioritizing family, faith communities, and health-focused social circles.

Sense of purpose

Buettner highlights 'purpose' as vital in Blue Zones—clear values, strengths, and meaningful contributions to others define it.

Real, practical solutions

Blue Zones principles can transform cities, improving health through policy changes, as seen in Fort Worth, Texas.

Changes - big and small

Buettner's aim is to inspire people to design lives that add healthy, enjoyable years, not through gimmicks but sustainable choices.

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