Top 9 Most Viewed Songs of DIVINE

 These chart-topping tracks showcase the sensational rapper's awesome music talent. Plug your headphones & don't miss out!

Mirchi ft. Stylo G, MC Altaf & Phenom (305M views)

It's a spicy mix of dance-hall! Stylo G's Jamaican patois combines with Punjabi raps, creating a lively party atmosphere.

Apna Time Aayega | Gully Boy (274M views)

It's rap music with an anthem-like quality from Ranveer Singh's character, Murad. The intense verses portray the darker side of Mumbai, where people are longing for a chance to succeed.

Bombay To Punjab : DEEP JANDU ft. DIVINE | Karan Aujla (258M views)

It's lively Punjabi hip-hop. Jandu and Divine take turns rapping about their journey from Bombay to Punjab's origins.

It's a melancholic trap ballad where Stunnah's sombre vocals glide over an atmospheric beat, delving into nighttime anxieties.

3:59 AM | Prod. by Stunnah Beatz (254M views)

Sidhant Chaturvedi's rap showcases confidence and skill, solidifying his presence as a formidable force in the movie.

Sher Aaya Sher | Gully Boy (146M views)

Chal Bombay (141M views)

Listen to Sukriti Kakar's lively Punjabi folk-pop, as her vibrant vocals transport you to the energetic bustle of Mumbai.

It's a moody electronic music from Sacred Games, with trippy beats and Raftaar's hypnotic rap.

Kaam 25 | Sacred Games (82M views)

Baazigar ft. Armani White

Released in 2022, it blends playful lyrics with upbeat music with an international flavour by Armani White.

100 Million

This is the all-new, vibrant anthem celebrating meteoric rise to fame with lavish Dubai visuals, swaggering verses, and an infectious beat starring Karan Aujla.

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