Hilarious Wedding Shoots Of All Time ft. Slayy Point

Laugh along with the famous YouTubers' Slayy Point as they react to the funniest wedding photo shoots ever captured in their entertaining & side-splitting video!

Who Is Slayy Point?

Two school friends, Abhyudaya Mohan & Gautami Kawale, are Indian YouTubers who gained popularity through their humorous videos on millennial-friendly topics.

Filmy Style Pre-Wedding Shoot

The couple poses dramatically against the fake DDLJ backdrop, trying to channel Raj & Simran & aiming for that Bollywood romance vibe.

The couple is trying to create a romantic and playful runaway scene, but it signifies one of the most cringe-worthy ideas of all.

Runaway Pre-wedding Shoot

Coconut Sipping Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sipping from a coconut with individual straws is cute, but sipping from your partner's mouth is just disgustingg! People need to stop!

On-The-Car Pre-Wedding Shoot

Admiring Rohit Shetty's stunts doesn't mean you can imitate them. Portraying this kind of stunts includes in breaking traffic rules that leads to INR 1 lakh fine.

Gym Style Pre-Wedding Shoot

Flexing muscles and posing in gym clothes because a couple working out together is considered a romantic trend.

Operation Theater Pre-Wedding Shoot

This is one of the newest and tacky pre-wedding shoot ideas, which has landed in serious trouble for giving out the wrong message and creative take.

Underwater Pre-Wedding Shoot

Capturing romance beneath the waves? A pre-wedding shoot idea that can drown you, literally.

Counter Strike Style Pre-Wedding Shoot

This kind of pre-wedding shoots make people believe that everything is actually fair in love & war.

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