Journey Of India's Most-Followed Dancer: Awez Darbar

We take you through dancer & content creator Awez Darbar's meteoric rise from a choreographer to an online sensation with millions of fans. 

Humble Beginnings

He began his journey by earning INR 10,000 dancing in a Power Puff Girl costume—a remarkable start.

Filmy Family

Hailing from a musical lineage as the son of the famous music director Ismail Darbar, Awez made a name for himself.

Constant Hard Work

Darbar began his career by uploading dance videos on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and later on YouTube in 2014.

His First Viral Moment

One of his early videos, a dance cover of the viral song Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, gained over two million views & went viral.

Marking His Own Path

Despite his father's desire for him to pursue music, Awez Darbar followed his passion for dance & has never looked back.

First Mover Advantage

He started his journey when there were few dance content creators in India & YouTube was not as prominent as it is today.

A Driver For Change

Social media, particularly platforms like TikTok & Instagram, played a significant role in making dancing a viable career option in India.

A Household Celebrity

Awez has broken traditional barriers & is now considered a celebrity in their own right, being managed by Dharma Cornerstone.

His Recipe For Success

He says versatility, unique twists on trends, consistency, and audience understanding as content creation success.

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