Most Famous Bray Wyatt Quotes, Ranked

WWE star Bray Wyatt (aka The Fiend), part of a wrestling dynasty, has died at 36. Lets remember him with his most popular quotes ->

"A rattlesnake's skin is the same color as the leaves."

His rocking chair tale of Sister Abigail, blended with creepy visuals & enemy defeats, revealed his leader-monster duality.

"Her touch could save the world, but her kiss burns it to the ground."

Merging Wyatt's Abigail passion with horror visuals, WWE created a chilling, compelling segment.

"She taught us that fires, they were our friends too."

Wyatt's peak performance showcased his intricate blend of humanity and darkness.

"Can you hear them, John?"

Approaching Cena in a steel cage, Wyatt's chilling promo involving a child in a lamb mask, a choir, and an eerie hym.

"How does it feel to be a liar, Jerry?"

Wyatt lured Lawler into the ring, accusing him of spreading Cena's "garbage" message and invoking disturbing visuals.

"Normal men lose sleep at the mere thought of dancing with the reapers."

Inspired by facing The Shield, Wyatt's scarier promo painted a foreboding picture of his enemies fleeing from his threat.

"Be careful inviting the devil into your backyard, because he may just like it."

With impactful lines and no elaborate visuals, this promo stands out as one of Wyatt's best.

"You are the way into the city of woe."

After defeat, Wyatt's solo stark backdrop promo detailed his transformation through visions of darkness, renewing him.

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