Memorable Moments Of Drive To Survive Season 6

While Drive to Survive Season 6 has sparked discussion and debate, here are some of the most memorable moments based on fan reactions.

What Is Drive To Survive?

It's a docuseries produced in collaboration between Formula 1 & Netflix, showcasing the thrilling on-track races & behind the wheel stories.

Daniel Ricciardo's Dramatic Return

After being dropped by McLaren in end 2022, Ricciardo's unexpected return to AlphaTauri fueled excitement & questions about his future.

Hamilton's Contract Dilemma 

This season documented Hamilton's dilemma about renewing his contract with Mercedes, creating uncertainty about his future in racing.

Teams like Williams & McLaren, who haven't been top contenders historically, showed significant improvement, creating surprise & excitement.

Rise Of The Underdogs

Lando Norris', a Mclarens racing driver, praised Piastri's win in the Qatar sprint race, which highlighted the fierce competition for new stars.

Oscar Piastri's Win

Unexpected Driver Swaps

This season saw various unexpected driver swaps, like Nyck de Vries' sudden departure from AlphaTauri, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Downfall Of Guenther Steiner

The usually vocal AlphaTauri team boss received criticism & obstacles during the season, showcasing a different side to his leadership style.

The Las Vegas Showdown!

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix brought a new chapter to the sport, adding a glitzy and vibrant element to the racing calendar.

A Battlefield

With Red Bull leading the pack, the intense rivalry between Mercedes & Ferrari for the runner-up position captivated fans. However, Charles Leclerc secured second place for Ferrari.

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