PM Narendra Modi's Speech at YouTube FanFest 2023

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi marks 15 years on YouTube, addressing content creators at YouTube Fanfest India 2023.

His YouTube Journey

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his 15-year YouTube journey during YouTube Fanfest India 2023.

17.9M Subscribers

He expressed his connection to the country and the world through his YouTube channel with a substantial number of subscribers.

Speaking To 5,000

He addressed a community of 5,000 creators, including those from gaming, technology, food, travel, and lifestyle content.

The Impact Of Creators

He emphasized the potential to bring positive transformation to India's population through the efforts of content creators.

Impact Of His YouTube Videos

He discussed his videos focused on topics like exam stress, expectation management, and productivity, especially for students.

Clean India As Our  National Identity

He praised mass movements like Swachh Bharat (Clean India) & urged YouTubers to continue promoting cleanliness.

Teach Digital Payments

The Prime Minister encouraged the promotion of digital payments, and simplifying the process through YouTube content.

Promote Made In India

He urged YouTubers to promote Indian products & support local artisans, through a movement that celebrates Indian craftsmanship.

Modi's Advice

Engaging viewers by asking questions & suggesting action points at the end of each video to increase interaction & channel popularity.

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