Artist Announcement: Meet Thugesh at Social Nation Festival 2024

Mahesh Keshwala, a.k.a. Thug-esh, is a meme lord & is all set to create a fun & lighthearted vibe at the Social Nation Festival in Mumbai. Don't miss out!

What Is Social Nation Festival?

Social Nation is a 2-day festival for creators & their fans at Jio Garden, Mumbai. Meet, dance, sing, & learn from your favourite digital stars—all in one place.

Back In The Days

He pursued B.Com degree & Company Secretary course in CSIE, but began working at a call centre after facing financial difficulties.

Amidst the call centre life, he began creating funny & quirky videos online with a motive of bringing smile on people's face, which gain considerable attention.

Spark Of Creativity

Birth Of Thugesh

After gaining reasonable recognition, he began creating content on YouTube in 2014, focusing on thug life compilations, making him the one in this genre among Indian creators.

Social Media Sensation

His content spans various genres including vlogging, gaming, entertainment, memes, roasts, and sketch comedy.

Achievement Unlock

Inspired by the Jimmy Fallon Show, he launched "The Thugesh Talk Show," a chat show offering insights into the lives of popular YouTubers.


Recently, he was honoured with the Comedic Critic of the Year award at the Bhutani Creators United 2.0 Awards.

All The Way Up

Through financial struggles and working night shifts, he became a successful content creator, underscoring the importance of persistence & hard work in achieving success.

You Know What??

Get ready meet the roast master LIVE at the Social Nation Festival, held on April 20–21, 2024 at Jio Garden, Mumbai. Have you booked your tickets yet?

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