Artist Announcement: Meet Panther at Social Nation Festival 2024

Panther, a.k.a. Anubhav Shukla, is a versatile Indian rapper & music composer who is all set to do "Galat Karam" at the Social Nation Festival in Mumbai. You are coming, right?

What Is Social Nation Festival?

Social Nation is a 2-day festival for creators and fans. Immerse yourself in the world of your favourite digital stars. Meet, dance, sing, and learn from them—all in one place.

Who Is Panther?

Hailing from Lucknow, UP, Panther is a multi-genre musician, who blends elements of trap, hip-hop, and rap in his music.

He is known for delivering woke lyrics, sharp metaphors, bouncy beats, & thought-provoking melodies derived from his experiences.

Versatile Wordsmith

Early Days

Introduced to rap by Honey Singh, Panther began his musical journey in childhood.

Turning Point

His breakout moment came when he participated in the Indian hip-hop reality show MTV Hustle 2.0, showcasing his musical skills & versatility.

Notable Tracks

He has released some notable bangers like “Bus Ek Baar,” “Bhasad,” “Vande Matram,” “UP Se,” and “Dard-e-dil,” gaining him a substantial following.

Memorable Piece

In collaboration with Raga, an Indian rapper, they dropped the hit track "Galat Karam," stirring both popularity and controversy over its misunderstood lyrics.

Positive Influence

He has had a significant influence through his music, support, and involvement in the emerging hip-hop scene in India.

Exciting News!!

Catch Panther's hard-hitting tracks & dynamic performance LIVE at the Social Nation Festival, held on April 20–21, 2024. Have you booked your tickets yet?

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