Artist Announcement: JordIndian At Social Nation Festival 2024 

Creative minds behind JordIndian, Naser Al Azzeh & Vineeth "Beep" Kumar is all set to land at the Social Nation Festival in Mumbai. Are you?

What Is Social Nation Festival?

Social Nation is a 2-day festival for creators & their fans on 20th-21st April'24. Meet, dance, sing, & learn from your favourite digital stars—all in one place.

What Is JordIndian?

Jordindian is an Indian sketch comedy & music YouTube channel created by creative & witty personailties, Naser Al Azzeh & Vineeth "Beep" Kumar.

 Naser Al Azzeh is a freelance filmmaker, while Vineeth "Beep" Kumar is a comedian, beatboxer, & actor, producing content that blends Indian & Jordanian cultures, hence the name "Jordindian".

Cultural Fusion

JordIndian's Forte

The channel features humorous sketches like ' types of drivers' and music videos, often revolving around cultural observations and everyday scenarios.

Crafted Masterpiece

They gained viral fame via a music video 'Smoke Shisha Play FIFA' released in 2018. This comedic masterpiece has amassed over 17M views, making it their most popular video to date.

Old Rice

The duo have made a name for themselves in the comedy circuit since 2016,  delve into the intricacies of youth culture from their personal experience.

Stereotypical Sarcasm

The duo addresses social problems & promotes cultural diversity by using their talent for light-hearted comedy to challenge stereotypes.

JordIndian x Netflix

In collaboration with Netflix, Jordindian released a song called "Exam Time," offering a comedic take on the stressful experience students face before exams.

Exciting News!!

Get ready to ROFL, as JordIndian are going to be LIVE at the Social National Festival, held on April 20-21, 2024. Book your tickets now!

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