Meet Avanti Nagral - The Queen Of Versatility

When envisioning a typical entrepreneur, one wouldn't immediately think of a dynamic singer-songwriter pursuing dual degrees at both Harvard & Berklee. That is Avanti for y'al!

Like A Shape-Shifter

Balancing life in Boston & Bombay, Avanti seamlessly juggled student & artist roles, shifting between analytical & creative sides.

Who Is Avanti Nagral?

This pop sensation & content creator is on a captivating mission to create music, stories, & dialogues challenging societal norms.

What's She Been Up To?

Blending diverse musical influences, fostering an impact-driven community & empowering young talent through sessions & workshops.

Her Milestones

With 1M+ in her "Avantribe" community & 400M+ views, achieved a dual degree at Harvard and Berklee College of Music, a global first.

A True Juggler

At Harvard, Avanti studied psychology & global health, &  at Berklee, she delved into a comprehensive musical education.

A Robust Environment

Her upbringing has been nurtured & driven by her mother's devotion to music & her father's entrepreneurial spirit.

Speaking Through Music

A South East Asian pioneer of virtual reality music videos, her song "The Other Side," is about finding all the aspects of “your other side.”

More To Offer

Avanti also launched Golden Milk Media, a startup crafting socially responsible digital content in music, film, & creativity.

Humble Is Her Nature

Avanti Nagral strongly advocates for women's health & youth education in South East Asia & India, proving herself to be one of a kind!

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