Artist Announcement: Meet Anam Darbar at Social Nation Festival 2024

Anam Darbar is an Indian YouTuber & social media star who is all set to land at the Social Nation Festival on April 20th–21st, 2024, in Mumbai.

What Is Social Nation Festival?

Social Nation is a 2-day festival for creators and fans. Immerse yourself in the world of your favourite digital stars. Meet, dance, sing, and learn from them—all in one place.

Back In The Days

She began her content creation journey sharing clips of her dance routines on TikTok, a popular video-sharing platform.

However, TikTok being banned in later years, she created her YouTube channel in 2020, sharing content like nightouts with cousins, insights into her dance moves and more.

YouTube Debut

Fashion Fiesta

Being a prominent content creator, she also delves into fashion sphere and collaborates with brands like Emiraas, showcasing her style and influencing fashion trends

Creative Fusion

She also adds a unique twist to her viral trends with Atrangz, a dance studio run by her brothers Awez Darbar, Zaid Darbr, her friend Nagma Mirajkar, & herself for audience engagement.


She was honoured as the Most Popular Social Media Star award at the IWM Buzz Digital Awards 2023.

Triumph Tale

Darbar's dedication to creating relatable and engaging content resonates with her audience, contributing to her significant popularity & success.

Exciting News!!

Get ready to meet & greet the dazzling Anam Darbar LIVE at the Social Nation Festival, held on Aprail 20–21, 2024. Have you booked your tickets yet?

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