Artist Announcement: Meet Aksh Baghla At Social Nation Festival 2024 

The king of mashuo who has made his way to our hearts is all set to charm his way at Social Nation Festival in Mumbai.

What Is Social Nation Festival?

Social Nation is a 2-day festival for creators and fans. Immerse yourself in the world of your favourite digital stars. Meet, dance, sing, and learn from them—all in one place.

Early Days

Aksh ventured into the world of YouTube with cover songs that resonated deeply with audiences.

Beyond his musical prowess, Aksh is a social media maven, regularly engaging with fans on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

A People's Person

His Versatility

From showcasing the Indian version of '1 Guy, 30 Voices' to collaborating with global sensations like Lauv and Ananya Birla, he continues to push boundaries and redefine the music landscape.

Recognition & Awards

Honored as the Music Sensation of the Year at the InfluencEx Exhibit Awards, Aksh has proved his mettle & creativity.

Another feather to the cap

Harsh is appointed as the Culture Brand Ambassador of India by the Ministry of Culture, His star continues to rise, inspiring a new generation of music enthusiasts

On The Cover

Aksh's popularity has led him to be ont he cover of HT Brunch & also earned him a massive following at an early stage.

Exciting News!!!

Join us for an amazing time & meet your favourite music king - Aksh Baghla at Social Nation Festival 2024. Book your tickets now!

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