What does BLACKPINK mean?

Were you aware that BLACKPINK initially had a different name? Here are some details to know about the top-selling K-Pop girl group and the story behind their name.

A deeper message?

The group's name, seemingly simple, carries a profound meaning, reflecting a deeper message.

It symbolizes their sound

Their name holds a deeper significance despite its apparent simplicity, symbolizing their attitude, aesthetic, and sound.

The contrasting colors

The contrasting colors in their name mirror their bold and confident demeanor with an underlying sweetness.

The original name

Originally known as Pink Punk, the group revealed the story behind their name change during a 2017 radio interview.

Reason behind the change

In a 2017 radio interview, they discussed their name evolution, crediting YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk for the change.

Girly yet savage

Explaining their name on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rosé mentioned their girly yet savage dual nature represented by two colors.

Female & fierce

It highlights the blend of girlishness and fierceness they embody.

Embodied by Black & Pink

Blinks — the group’s loyal fan base — knows that this feeling of being feminine yet fierce is embodied very well by Black & Pink.

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