Is 'The Marvels' MCU’s first huge box office disaster?

Marvel's newest spectacle, 'The Marvels', grapples with lackluster buzz, disinterested fans, and a star-studded cast on strike. Will it soar or stumble?

We Are Bored, MCU

"Superhero fatigue" is a way to explain why some superhero movies don't do well. Do you think you are bored of them?

We Think So...

The new movie "The Marvels" from Marvel might not do very well when it comes out on November 10.

A Silver Lining?

Even if it doesn't do great, Marvel movies still do better than many other movies. Marvel movies outperform most except big hitters.

Presales Were A Letdown

The presales for "The Marvels" are not as good as some other superhero movies. Did you pre-book your ticket?

Strikes Don't Make It Easy

Actors from "The Marvels" can't promote the movie because they're on strike. The SAG strike is hindering a lot of active promotion.

A Sequel Nobody Wanted

People might not be very excited for a sequel to the movie "Captain Marvel." I mean, it released in 2019 - an era ago!

Not A Satisfying Success

Captain Marvel's 2019 success hasn't translated into lasting cultural impact. It is not even talked about in the pop-culture anymore.

The Ads Aren't It

The film's promotional material fails to capture an indifferent audience. The ads aren't working, MCU! We have to work harder.

The Marvels is expected to struggle at the box office, aiming for under $200 million in USA, creating uncertainty for the future of the franchise.

Our Hot Take: Bye, Marvels!

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