What is Maternity Insurance? Neha Nagar explains

Neha Nagar, a finance influencer, emphasizes the importance of maternity insurance, covering pregnancy expenses & aiding financial planning for future parents.

The word of a new mum!

Neha Nagar, a finance influencer & new mother, shares its significance of maternity insurance & the financial security that it provides.

Comprehensive pregnancy-related coverage - why?

It bridges gaps in standard health plans, ensuring coverage for pregnancy-related expenses & easing its financial burden.

What does it cover?

It offers savings of up to 2L Rupees, encompassing expenses from pregnancy initiation to childbirth, including various delivery methods.

You mean all delivery methods?

This insurance covers both normal and C-section deliveries, extending its coverage to newborns' medical expenses.

Can I add it to my current plan?

Maternity insurance can be added to existing plans or obtained as a standalone policy.

Can't apply during pregnancy

Enrolling within 2-3 months of marriage or 1-2 years before pregnancy offers the best advantage for maximizing coverage benefits.

Neha's gifting idea

Neha urges sharing her Reel with newlyweds, presenting maternity insurance as a thoughtful gift for ideal family financial planning.

Must have for couples

Maternity insurance is a necessity for couples preparing for parenthood, offering stability and security during this significant life phase.

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