Who is Madelyn Cline, Pete Davidson's new  lady love?

Comedian Pete Davidson and actress Madelyn Cline are reportedly dating after recent breakups, seen spending time together at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Relationship In Spotlight

Madelyn Cline has recently caught the public's attention as the new romantic interest in comedian Pete Davidson's life.

Seen Casually Dating

The couple was spotted in a relaxed and low-profile setting, enjoying breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel after spending a night there.

Recent Breakups

This new romance comes after Cline's separation from Jackson Guthy and Davidson's recent breakup with Chase Sui Wonders.

Pete: The Famous Dater

Pete Davidson, famous for humor & high-profile relationships like Ariana Grande & Kim Kardashian, remains a public fascination.

Pete's View On Dating

Davidson has frequently discussed the public's interest in his dating life, emphasizing the value of quality connections over sheer quantity.

So, Who Is Madelyn?

Born on December 21, 1997, in Goose Creek, South Carolina, she is best known as Sarah Cameron from Netflix's "Outer Banks."

Madelyn's Famous Work

From appearing in "Stranger Things" to her breakout in "Outer Banks," Cline's career continues to gain traction and acclaim.

Cline's Personal Life

Cline's personal life, including past relationships & struggles with body image, has also been a topic of public interest.

New Chapter With Pete

Her relationship with Pete has intrigued fans and media alike, promising to be a focal point of interest moving forward.

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