The Love Story of Sudha Murthy & Narayana Murthy

Their inspiring love story is based on strong principles, putting the needs of others before themselves, and even as they age, their romance remains strong. Lets know their story ->

Who is N. R. Narayana Murthy?

He is a prominent figure in the IT industry, serving as Infosys' CEO for an impressive 21 years, shaping it into one of India's leading technology firms.

Who is Sudha Murthy?

She is a renowned Indian author & philanthropist, has written over 92 books in various Indian languages, and played a vital role in her husband's success.

The First Meeting

Narayana, a shy person, met outgoing Sudha through a mutual friend at TELCO, and he convinced her to attend a dinner with him and her friends.

The First Date

Initially hesitant as the only girl in her group, Sudha eventually agreed to meet Murthy at 7.30 PM the following day at Green Fields hotel on Main Road, Pune.

The Proposal

Murthy and Sudha became friends and had conversations about books & experiences. Murthy proposed. Sudha took time to consider it, discussing it with her parents.

Shaky Start

The first meeting with Sudha's parents started poorly as he arrived two hours late & wore a bright shirt. However, Sudha still loved him and appreciated his honesty.

The Courtship

Narayana and Sudha's three-year courtship flourished with outings and humorous financial struggles as Murthy pursued his entrepreneurial dreams.

Exchanging Vows

Murthy became General Manager at Patni computers, and before heading to the US for training, he married Sudha in a simple wedding with family's blessings.

The Woman Behind The Man

In 1981, Murthy founded Infosys, fulfilling his dream, but the lack of capital was a challenge until Sudha came to the rescue, offering her support and financial help.

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