Dipika Kakar & Shoaib Ibrahim's Love Story

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are a celebrity couple known for their roles in Sasural Simar Ka, their YouTube vlogs & their fairy tale love story, now embracing parenthood with their adorable son, Ruhaan.

How They Met

Dipika Kakar & Shoaib Ibrahim met on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka in 2011. They portrayed a married couple on the show, highlighting their amazing chemistry.

Dipika's Past

Dipika was previously married to Raunak Mehta, but they had a bitter divorce in 2015. After Shoaib left the show, he realized he had feelings for her.

Not A Smooth Road

They kept their relationship secret for three years before going public in a 2016 interview. Despite criticism and interreligious concerns, they remained steadfast in their love.

Married Life

In February 2018, they had a private nikah ceremony in Bhopal & got married. Later, they began vlogging on YouTube, sharing glimpses of their family life with millions of followers.

Vlogging Family

Dipika and Shoaib have a strong bond with Shoaib's mother and sister. The Ibrahim family cooks, films, and travels together, creating delightful vlogs.

New Parents On The Block

The couple's baby boy was born on June 21, but he was premature and required observation. They recently revealed the name of their son: Ruhaan Shoaib Ibrahim.

Name Announcement

They recently revealed their son's name in a heartwarming video, surrounded by their families, and celebrated with a train-themed cake.

Sharing Joy On YouTube

 They embraced their new roles as parents on YouTube, by sharing moments of joy and humor, like Ruhaan playfully peeing on Shoaib's phone!

Congratulations 💙

Congratulations to them on their beautiful, precious baby boy! Wishing them a lifetime of love, joy, and a safe & blessed life for their little one.

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