A List Of The World's Wealthiest Pets

Ever seen a dog worth $500 million? Take a look at the richest pets in the world! Discover the luxurious lives of these spoiled furry friends on this exclusive list.

Gunther VI

Gunther VI is the world's richest pet, inheriting a fortune of $80 million from his grandfather, Gunther III. The money has been managed by Gunther Corporation.


Nala_cat is very wealthy from endorsements and her own cat food line. She has 4M Instagram followers and is a top cat on social media.

Olivia Benson

Another cat who has made her fortune through social media. Taylor Swift's cat has over 2 million followers on Instagram and is known for her luxurious lifestyle.

Five Golden Retrievers will inherit $30 million from Oprah Winfrey and live luxuriously, attending events and parties with them.


A Pomeranian who has made his fortune through his appearances in music videos, commercials, and even a movie. He is also a Guinness World Record holder for the fastest dog on two legs.

j i f f p o m


Choupette, is Karl Lagerfeld's cat, inherited $13 million and lives luxuriously in Paris with her own social media and designer wardrobe.

Pontiac was the dog of the late actress Betty White. He inherited $5 million from his owner and lived a comfortable life until his death in 2017.


Doug the Pug

He is a social media star with over 17 million followers on Instagram, who has made his fortune through endorsement deals and appearances in commercials and music videos.

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