Life Journey Of Nikhil Kamath: A Stock Wizard & Entrepeneur

Nikhil Kamath is a well-known entrepreneur, who has achieved success by going against traditional education and creating his own path.

Early Dropout

At the age of 17, he dropped out of school and opted for self-directed learning over traditional paths like school and colleges.

Became A Financial Wiz Kid

After dropping out of school, he jumped into the stock market, started his first brokerage, and sharpened his skills in the industry.

Building Business Through Bond

In 2006, he co-founded Kamath & Associations with his brother Nithin, focusing on high net-worth individual portfolios.

A Revolutionary Breakthrough

In 2020, he had a revolutionary breakthrough and co-founded the firm "Zerodha," a discount brokerage firm that revolutionised the Indian stock market with its low-cost model.

His Other Triumphs

After the success of Zerodha, he co-founded True Beacon, an asset management firm, in 2020, and Gruhas, a real estate investment and prop tech firm, in 2021.

The Billionaire Pioneer

By the age of 36, he had reached billionaire status, marking an extraordinary financial journey with Zerodha.

In 2023, he was awarded the Youngest billionaire in India, and was featured in Forbes 30 under 30, gaining international acclaim.

Global Recognition

A Role Model

He inspires aspiring entrepreneurs with his unconventional success story and dedication to continuous learning.

Later in 2023, he launched the WTF Fund, supporting the fashion, beauty, and home aspirations of young hustlers aged under 22.

Supporting Youth

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