Who Is MR. INDIAN HACKER? DIY Project King

Mr. Indian Hacker, originally known as Dilraj Singh Rawat, is an Indian YouTuber and content creator who makes experimental videos from his home town.


Born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, he loved science and tech early on. He was fearless in experiments, even with the occasional lab explosion


He pursued a science degree from Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan College, Ajmer.

Beginning Of Content Creation Journey

In 2012, Mr. Indian Hacker was born, where he started creating basic tech tutorials and gadget reviews, gradually adding his signature humour.

His popularity soared after a viral video of his liquid nitrogen experiments in which he explained scientific concepts, making him a YouTube star.

Getting A Big Break

Throughout the years, his content has covered a wide range of topics, including current technology trends, social experiments, & even trying out vlogging.

Experimenting Is His Passion

He has collaborated with esteemed brands, including Amazon, Rapido, Blue Nector & more.


Diverse Businesses

Besides YouTube, he earns from farming, businesses, client projects, promotions, and partnerships with popular brands. Diverse income streams fuel his success.

You will be surprised to know that Mr. Indian Hacker has a team of 15 people and uses 8 cameras to make videos, spending about lakhs of rupees on a single video.

Fun Fact

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