Lewis Hamilton Will Move To Ferrari For 2025 F1 Season

Ferrari confirms Lewis Hamilton's move to join the team in 2025, ushering in new opportunities and adventures.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton?

Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a seven-time world champion British racing driver.

Ferrari's Interest

Ferrari has long been interested in Hamilton’s services but he said no because Mercedes offered a better chance for success in Formula 1.

Signed A Two Year Contract, But...

He signed a two-year contract with Mercedes last year but used a release option to leave the team after one season.

Why Is He Leaving Mercedes?

Hamilton opted to leave Mercedes due to the team's recent challenges competing with Red Bull and struggling to match their performance.

Made It Official

On February 1st, 2024, Ferrari officially announced their 2025 lineup, including the addition of Hamilton.

His move to Ferrari is seen as a desire for a new challenge, with dissatisfaction at Mercedes and the opportunity to be part of a different team.

Drifting Desires

Carlos Sainz is considered a top candidate to replace Hamilton at Mercedes, given his four-season stint at Ferrari.

Who Is Going To Replace Him In Mercedes?

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