Dancer Lauren Gottlieb says yes to beau Tobias Jones

Actress and dancer Lauren Gottlieb announces engagement to Director Tobias Jones via heartwarming social media post, marking their 'officially forever' moment.

Officially forever 💞

Lauren Gottlieb announces engagement with heartfelt "A million times YES" and "Officially Forever" message.

The proposal palace

The couple appreciates Aruba Ocean Villas for the stunning proposal location. We can't stop staring at this villa!

A total package 💌

She praises fiancé Tobias Jones as a perfect blend of drive, spontaneity, love, kindness, and patience.

Love across the world

Their transcontinental connection blossomed into a strong foundation of love and respect over a year and a half.

The lucky girl

Grateful for love, joy, and happiness brought into her life, Lauren feels incredibly lucky to be Tobias' fiancée.

Soulmates for life 💘

Tobias expresses deep gratitude for finding his soulmate in her, describing her as beautiful inside & out.

How beautiful is that?

The bed looks so dreamy! Lauren also thanked Forever Diamonds NY for crafting the perfect custom engagement ring.

World, their oyster

They anticipate a future filled with shared memories and world exploration, unable to imagine life without each other.

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