WhatsApp Has Introduced This New Feature: Know More

Let's take a look at the new feature "pinning messages," introduced by WhatsApp, and see if it can help enhance the user experience.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature, which allows users to pin messages in individual and group chats.

WhatsApp's New Feature

The pinning feature supports various message types, including text, emojis, locations, and images.

Versatile Support

User Requests

Users have wanted this feature for a while, similar to Telegram's ability to pin multiple messages, but WhatsApp only permits one pinned message.

Feature Is A Part Of?

The feature is part of WhatsApp's response to the increase popularity of instant messaging apps in recent years.

How To Pin Messages?

To pin a message on Android, long-press message, tap the three-dot menu, and select 'Pin'. On Apple, swipe right on message, and choose 'Pin.'

Customizable Pinning Duration Options

Users can decide to pin a message for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, with the default set to 7 days.

Easy Unpinning Process

The option to unpin a message is available through a similar process of pinning.

Admin's Control

Admins of the group will have control over who can pin messages within the group.

Will Feature Cater To Channels?

Until now, it remains uncertain if WhatsApp will extend this feature to channels.

Ongoing And Potential Rollouts

The pin chat feature rollout is still in progress, so users may have to wait for it to become available on their devices.

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