Kusha Kapila starrer 'Sukhee' is released: Review

Discover the familiar yet heartwarming journey of empowerment in 'Sukhee,' where Shilpa Shetty's captivating presence adds to the film's appeal.

Well-Worn Clichéd Tale

The film features Sukhee, who loses herself in homemaking, echoing the well-worn trope of women juggling family & personal aspirations.

A Familiar Plot

Sukhee, once spirited, faces the monotony of being a wife and mother, a theme echoed in many, many similar films.

Simple & Heartfelt Moments

It is a heartwarming, simple film that leaves viewers with sweet moments & a warm feeling despite its predictability.

Shilpa Shetty's Portrayal

Shilpa Shetty's Sukhee performance adds charm despite her glamorous image, appealing to the film's urban homemaker audience.

Shilpa Is A Must-Watch

Shilpa Shetty's onscreen charisma makes it a must-watch for her loyal fans despite the lack of groundbreaking content.

Kusha Kapila was a WIN!

Her performance injects humor & liveliness into the narrative, providing a refreshing contrast to the film's predictability.

Predictable Climax

The film's climax falls short of offering a fresh resolution, sticking to the expected & missing a chance for a unique perspective.

Supporting Cast

The rest of the cast and their performances definitely breathe life into the film, offering a respite from the predictable plot.

Final Verdict

"Sukhee" blends elements of chick flick, family drama, and romance in a familiar package.

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