Korean shows that are even better than Squid Game!

This may start a war on the internet but hear me out - there are way better Korean dramas and action thrillers than the universally loved Squid Game. See this list to find out why ->

Flower of Evil (2020)

Hiding a twisted past, a man maintains his facade as the perfect husband to his detective wife — until she begins investigating a series of murders.

Stream on: Netflix

Sweet Home (2020)

In the midst of a world descending into savagery, a troubled teenager and his neighbors battle for survival and strive to preserve their humanity.

Stream on: Netflix

Extracurricular (2020)

Motivated to break free from a stagnant life, a talented high school student resorts to a criminal path in order to secure the funds necessary for college.

Stream on: Netflix

Signal (2016)

Through a transcendent walkie-talkie that spans time, a profiler from 2015 and a detective from 1989 unite to combat crimes and injustice together.

Stream on: Netflix

D.P. (2021)

A young private tasked with apprehending army deserters uncovers the harsh realities endured by conscripted soldiers.

Stream on: Netflix

Hell Is Other People (2019)

An aspiring crime fiction writer's life takes a turn when he moves into an apartment building filled with suspicious neighbors.

Stream on: Amazon Prime Video

Save Me (2014)

A young girl and her family arrive in a small town, but their lives take a dark turn as they become entangled with a religious cult.

Stream on: HiTV

Move To Heaven (2021)

A meticulous trauma cleaner and his estranged uncle uncover and share the untold stories of the departed, finding meaning.

Stream on: Netflix

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

An antisocial children's book author and a psychiatric hospital employee embark on a journey of emotional healing.

Stream on: Netflix

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