Kolkata To NYC - The Sanyal Brothers Made It Possible!

Join the journey of two NYC-based brothers successfully blending South Asian culture into American hearts with creativity and authenticity.

An authentic brand catering to the roots of centuries-old Indian love for chai, with a view of extending the culture throughout the world.

About Kolkata Chai Co.

A Seedling Thought

The Indian flavor of chai was missing in the US, where cafes often serve Westernized versions. Beginning of a venture

Summer breaks in their home country meant enjoying street foods & nostalgic Kolkata chai for Ayan & Ani Sanyal.

Face Of The Brand

Originated With A Simple Question

"How do we extend the authenticity, respect & tradition behind a cup of masala chai to NYC?"

On A Small Scale

The first 18 months after ideating, they first began with pop up shops & farmers markets in NYC, acquiring unexpectedly great responses.

On A Large Scale

In 2019, Ayan & Ani opened Kolkata Chai Co. in NYC with a line of 700 people, offering a Masala Chai mix with authentic Indian flavors.

Wide Spread Business

Apart from running the café they have an online market base selling signature, rose, decaf & concentrated - pre-packed masala chai mix.

Added Flavors

Kolkata Chai Co. has 15 team members & serves Indian street food alongside drinks featuring seasonal menus for the fall & summer.

While their e-commerce business currently serves US and Canadian residents, the brand's goal is global expansion.

Reaching Places

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