All You Need To Know About Apple’s Foldable iPhones & iPads

A recent report shows that Apple is working on two prototypes of foldable iPhones & a foldable iPad, hinting at exciting innovations in tech industry.

Creating Buzz?!

Cupertino, HQ of Apple, is actively developing two flip-style foldable iPhones, aiming for a thin design resembling current models.

Cupertino x Asia

Apple has been working with Asian manufacturers to obtain parts for foldable iPhones in different sizes.

Beyond iPhone

Apple is also considering the possibility of developing a foldable iPad, possibly with a screen size of 8 inches similar to the iPad mini.

Engineering Issues

It is said that Apple engineers are facing hurdles in creating a foldable iPhone with an external screen due to fragility concerns.

Engineers are also working to reduce the fold mark on foldable phones & create a hinge that allows for completely flat unfolding.

Working It Out

Despite competitors like Samsung having already offered the concept of foldable smartphones, Apple has yet to debut its version.

Market Competition

When Is The Launch?

As this project is still ongoing, it is anticipated that you will be able to observe the results around the years 2026 or 2027.

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