Social Media Buzz Over Kate Middleton's Newest Photo

Kate Middleton's latest photo released by UK Palace & other media houses is causing a stir on social media, developing questions if its real or fake? Let us find out!

Who Is Kate Middleton?

She is the Princess of Wales married to Prince Williams, the former Duke of Cambridge.

Creating A Buzz

Recently, Kate's first official photo was released since her abdominal surgery, which has triggered controversy over alleged manipulation by news agencies.

Kensington Palace released the photo to mark Mother's Day in Britain, featuring Kate with her three children.

The image in question


Kate is seen smiling in casual clothes without her engagement ring, which has led to discussions on social media.

Who Took The Photo?

It's rumoured that the photo was taken by Prince Williams at Windsor, where Kate has been observed to be in the recovery stage post-surgery.

Withdrawal Of News Agencies

News agencies like Reuters, AP, & AFP removed the photo due to manipulation concerns raised by netizens.

Authenticity Concerns Being Raised!

It was doubtful if the photo was real because netizens noticed differences, such as Princess Charlotte's hand not being in the right position.

Royal Family's Response

Kensington Palace retrieved the photo and refused to comment on the speculation regarding the photo's authenticity.

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