K-Dramas For Those Who Love Food

Korean cooking dramas, a fusion of love and food, offer the perfect entertainment for both K-drama fans and food enthusiasts. Find your next watch now ->

Recipe For  Farewell ◦ Prime Video

In a loving gesture, Chang-rae, despite his lack of cooking skills, starts preparing meals for his terminally ill wife.

Wok Of Love ◦ Netflix

In a small Chinese restaurant, "Wok of Love" unfolds Seo Poong's quest for survival, food, and love.

Eccentric! Chef Moon ◦ Viki

It explores the lives of star chef Moon Seung-mo and the daring fashion designer Yoo Yoo-jin, who meet in Seoha Village.

Best Chicken ◦ Viki

A man with dreams of a fried chicken restaurant meets a woman aspiring to be a cartoonist at her grandfather's spa.

Sweet Muchies ◦ Viki

Park Jin-sung's money-saving lies endanger his bistro, prompting a realization about life's priorities beyond money.

Soul Plate ◦ HiTV

ASTRO members, descendants of Raphael, run a soul food restaurant that brings healing and comfort to their guests.

How Are U Bread ◦ Viki

Han Do Woo, a skilled chef and bakery owner, gains fame for fulfilling wishes with his pastries.

Love as You Taste ◦ Viki

We follow the lives of lively university students in the "Cooking Club for Better Taste" as they explore love, relationships & delicious dishes.

Meal Kid ◦ Viki

Ki Pa Ran, a food-loving data analyst, clashes with former idol Ban Seok at 'Meal Kid' due to differing opinions on food's worth.

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