Is X The New LinkedIn?

X, formerly known as Twitter, has launched a new job-hiring feature similar to LinkedIn.

X's new job-hiring feature is set to give verified organizations an opportunity to post job listings on their profiles.

The Feature

The feature will enable companies to import job data with the supported Applicant Tracking Systems or through an XML feed.

How It Works

Early access to the X Hiring Beta is exclusively for verified organizations- and is accessible after its launch to premium subscribers.


Verified firms can access the feature for a monthly fee of $1,000 or around ₹82,300 and share job roles on their X accounts.

The Fee

As of now, there will be currently no costs for firms to post vacancies on X.

User Costs

This new feature fits into X’s plan to widen its scope and transform itself into an “everything app.”

The Reason

According to experts, X is not expected to surpass LinkedIn at its own game- all that's left to do is wait and watch.

Will It Succeed?

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