Arena Reveals Kobe Bryant's Iconic Legacy

The Lakers paid a heartfelt tribute to their cherished sports icon, unveiling a statue of Kobe Bryant at Arena on February 8, 2024.

Lakers's Tribute

Los Angeles Lakers's basketball club has paid tribute to Kobe Bryant by building his statue at Arena, portraying him in his No. 8 jersey.

Legacy Expands?

Vanessa Bryant, wife of late Kobe revealed plans for additional statues honouring his legacy, including one with daughter Gianna.

Symbolic Details

The statue includes intricate elements like Kobe's daughters' names, his championships, and a QR code for highlights.

Iconic Base Design

The statue is placed on a triangular base as a tribute to the famous triangle offence that Kobe mastered.

When Can People See It?

Fans can visit the arena to see the statue starting the day after the ceremony, which is February 9, 2024.

Luminaries from the Lakers, such as Magic Johnson, Pau Gasol, and Jerry West, were among the distinguished guests.

A Star-Struck Opening

Kobe's uniqueness was compared to a flawless five-carat diamond, a feeling echoed by Jeanie Buss., president of Lakers's basketball team

Priceless Statue

Heartfelt Emotions

Jeanie Buss & Phil Jackson shared heartfelt memories of Kobe's impact on the team & the city.

Recounting Memories

 Phil Jackson recounted Kobe's legendary work ethic and his revered rivalry with basketball icon Michael Jordan.

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