Influencers compete in All Stars Footy League 2023

June 2023 saw the formation of a football league that's truly one of its kind. Content creators and influencers from across the country were invited to compete in a series of football matches in Mumbai. Lets see who all took part ->

All Stars Footy League

In May 2023, all influencers, creators, bloggers, vloggers, and footy lovers were invited to Mumbai to play football in a league that's truly one of its kind.

Stars as Captains

Eight internet celebrities were selected to lead their equally star-filled teams, and compete with each other to win the All Stars Footy League.

Manav Chhabra

Popularly known as Mr. MNV, he is the captain of the team 'Golden Warriors FC'. He is an Indian social media influencer who achieved his success through TikTok.

Awez Darbar

He is an Indian choreographer, TikTok star, and social media influencer. One of the most followed creators in India, he is the captain for 'Acers FC'.

Rohit Zinjurke

Rohit Zinjurke is a former TikTok star and currently, a famous vlogger on YouTube. This comedy powerhouse was the captain of team 'Stallions FC'.

Siddharth Nigam

An Indian actor who works in Indian television and films, he is famous on the internet as well with his 12M audience. He was the captain of 'Strikers FC'.

Zaid Darbar

This new father is the husband of actress Gauahar Khan, and an actor, dancer, and content creator himself. He was the captain of Zesters FC.

Jonathan Amaral

Popularly known as Jonathan Gaming, he is an Indian esports player who is known for playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. He was the captain of 'Godlike FC'.

RJ Abhinav

He is a Radio Jockey, YouTuber, and digital creator who hails from New Delhi, India. His led a team of football players named 'Panthers FC'.

Winnners: Funcho

Funcho is a YouTube comedy channel, consisting of creators Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma. This team 'Knight Kings FC' won the league in 2023!

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