Indian Homegrown Beer Brands Under INR 200

Opening a tasty, cold beer is a unique pleasure after a tough day. Discover affordable homegrown Indian beer brands in the midst of India's evolving beer revolution.

Godfather Strong Beer

This Jammu-born beer offers a touch of extra kick, with cereal grain notes and a subtle smokiness.

Susegado Kokum Gose

Goa's take on Gose, a warm-fermented beer from Germany's Goslar, is a unique sour-salty brew for adventurous palates.

White Owl Spark

An unsung hero of craft beer, this Mumbai brewery offers a refreshing white beer with citrus notes, perfect with dessert.

Kati Patang Zesty Amber Ale

Derived from Himalayan spring water, the Zesty Amber is a delectable dark ale infused with bold flavors of pepper, spice, and ginger.

Bad Monkey Super Strong Beer

This hidden gem of a homegrown beer at 8% ABV packs a punch with a hoppy finish and a hint of bitterness.

Maka Di Honey Ale

Our favorite from Maka's Goa brewery, this malt-based beer is hoppy and infused with wild honey from Jim Corbett National Park.

Eight Finger Eddie -Goa Brewing Co.

With a backstory honoring Goan legend Yertward Mazamanian, this double dry-hopped oat cream IPA offers a tropical twist.

White Rhino IPA

A pioneer since 2016, they offer a balanced pale ale at 6.3% ABV & a tasty Wit beer with Indian wheat and organic coriander seeds.

Simba Stout

One of the best Indian interpretations of a classic Stout, perfect for those craving roasty flavors like espresso & chocolate.

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