I asked ChatGPT for Heatwave safety tips in India

Unable to bear this heat anymore? Us too! In an effort to avoid such terrible heat conditions, I asked ChatGPT for some fun & practical safety tips to beat the scorching heat!

Matka AC

Fill mitti ka matkas with water & hang them around the house. The water evaporates, cooling the surrounding air like a natural AC.

Ice Cream Trucks

Delulu is the solulu! Set up ice cream trucks in every neighbourhood to keep everyone cool and happy.

Encourage people to carry & show off stylish umbrellas, turning sun protection into a trendy fashion statement.

Umbrella Fashion Week

Midday Rewards

Following Spain's example, introduce nationwide afternoon nap periods to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Rain Dance Festivals

Host community rain dances to not only have fun but also encourage a refreshing downpour.

Cool Roof Paint

Start a trend of painting rooftops with reflective, heat-resistant paint to lower temperatures inside homes.

Holi in May!

Organize massive water balloon fights in public parks and streets to cool down and have fun simultaneously.

"Plant a Tree" Day

 Plant trees & create more green spaces to provide natural shade and reduce the urban heat island effect.

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