Tabu is set to make Hollywood comeback via "Dune: Prophecy"

Renowned Bollywood actress Tabu is all set to make her Hollywood comeback after 12 years, anticipating to bring her A-Game in the upcoming Dune franchise. 

Recurring Role

Tabu has landed a recurring role as Sister Francesca in the Dune prequel, which is also a novel's adaptation, ‘Sisterhood of Dune’.

What's The Series About?

Set 10,000 years before Paul Atreides' rule, ‘Dune: Prophecy’ explores mythology, focusing on two Harkonnen sisters fighting against dangers to humanity.

Tabu’s character, Sister Francesca, is depicted as strong, intelligent, and alluring, with her return to the palace sparking power struggles.

Is Tabu's Role Worthy?

Social Media Buzz

After the news came out online, fans celebrated Tabu's yet one more international accomplishment, with image-collage & memes like 'Andha-Dune'.

CREW-cial Work

Besides ‘Dune’, Tabu recently showcased her versatility in ‘The Crew’, transitioning from vamp to abla naari in the heist comedy.

Star-Studded Cast

She joins an impressive cast that includes Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, Travis Fimmel, and others in the ‘Dune’ series.

International Charisma

Tabu is anticipated to bring her charm & talent to ‘Dune’ after working on previous overseas projects like ‘Life of Pi’ & ‘The Namesake’.

Its Gonna Be Massive!

Anticipation is also growing for the tv series with the addition of Tabu, promising a mix of great performances & entertainment.

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