Homegrown Gender-Fluid Fashion Brands To Shop From

These Indian gender-neutral brands let us know that fashion is subjective. There is no right or wrong, there are no rules. You wear what you like and all that matters is your comfort. 


This all-inclusive fashion label goes beyond the binary. If you are someone who loves to experiment, then this one's for you.

Moral Science

A workwear-inspired slow fashion brand based out of Goa, Moral Science explores fashion as a medium of storytelling.


Get ready to blur the line between masculine and feminine with fashion forward brand. You will find some of the best street style outfits here.

Generation Mixx

With one T-shirt at a time, Generation Mixx offers androgynous pieces made for every body type. These tees come with impactful texts.

This brand promotes sustainability, gender inclusivity, and fuss free fashion. It brings together old world charm and modern aesthetics.

The Pot Plant

Bobo Calcutta

Featuring a colourful palette, Bobo Calcutta is an eclectic label that champions self acceptance and liberation of love.

Almost Gods

Bringing together streetwear and art with an urban aesthetic into every garment. The outfits are the perfect blend of old and new.


Love graphic tees and shirts? Huemn pronounced as human is dynamic and refreshing. Give your gender neutral wardrobe a modern twist.


Biskit celebrates everything between design and art. The label explores the boundaries of fashion, art, design and definitely pushes the bar.

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