Google Bard Better Than ChatGPT?

Google's new generative AI experiences  are offering ease and convenience for users of Google workspace but will it overpower OpenAI's ChatGPT?

What is Google Duet AI?

EGoogle Duet AI is a new feature that makes using Google Docs, Gmail and Google Sheets, much easier.

The New Feature in Gmail

Smart Compose & Smart Reply in Gmail will help you draft & respond to emails faster and more efficiently.

AI in Google Docs

Samrt Canvas in Google Docs will help you brainstorm, proofread, write & rewrite documents.

Bard better than competition?

Bard is not far behind when it comes to making AI a part of your daily life. It makes various tasks more convenient.

AI Wallpapers

Google also launched AI wallpapers for Pixel users that transform your photos into dynamic 3D photos.

Bard gets smarter

Google Bard can also connect to various Google apps & services to provide more helpful responses.

Conversational Answers

Bard uses its multi-language model to help with more natural answers.

Convenience at its best 

These expansions will help make tasks easier & more efficient.

What more?

Any responses that Bard gives can be edited, incorporated or deleted while creating your document, giving you fulll control.

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