Last minute gift ideas for Daughter Day 2023

National Daughters Day, celebrated on India's fourth Sunday of September, is your to day to cherish your daughters. Lets see some last minute gifting ideas.

Books Membership

We recommend The Big Book Box on Instagram as they provide a curated book box every month. Your bookworm would love it!

AI Tool Subscription

Whether your daughter works or studies, a premium subscription to an AI tool, such as MidJourney or ChatGPT 4 could be a great gift!

Power Bank

If your daughter has a habit of not being reachable or not charging her phone, gift her a MagSafe charger so she's always in touch!


The best gift for a girlie who is studying or burnt out at work. A portable reading device, like Kindle, can help her unwind & learn!

Gym Membership

Health is truly wealth! Build good habits in your daughter by gifting her membership, so she can improve her yoga or boxing skills!

Health Supplements

Fitness is not enough without the right nutrition! A natural supplement, like ones from Cosmix, can help her manage her health better.


Light, meaningful jewelry can help brighten her outfit and her day. These gold pieces from Miscaro are a good fit for school or work!

Spa Session

2023 can be very stressful. Gift your daughter a delightful way to unwind and pamper herself with Urban Company's spa.

Health Plan

If your daughter lives far from family, a Practo Plus account that covers health for the entire family is a great gift.

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