Why Triggered & Fukra Insaan are the best sibling duo

Understand why Fukra Insaan & Triggered Insaan, the sibling duo, captivate the digital world with their creativity, collaboration & unwavering family support.

Their massive audience

They both operate distinct YouTube channels, catering to diverse interests & demographics, collectively reaching a wide audience.

Their collabs are fire

Their frequent collaborations result in engaging content that showcases their strong bond & entertains viewers from both channels.

Supportive in creativity

Abhishek's music debut with songs received Nischay's enthusiastic support, showcasing their united pursuit of creative ventures.

They complement each other

Abhishek's versatility as an entertainer complements Nischay's comedic & reaction-based content, making for a unique combo.

Big impact on YouTube

Abhishek's massive following and Nischay's high ranking among Indian YouTubers underline their partnership strength.

Shared passions

The Malhan family's dedication to content creation is evident in Abhishek, Nischay, and their mother's YouTube channel.

Influence on Each Other

Abhishek's potential Bigg Boss 17 participation after Bigg Boss OTT success shows their mutual inspiration for taking on new challenges.

Strongest fan base

Their response to fan opinions, like Nischay's tweets about Abhishek's Bigg Boss 17 potential, showcases their strong bond.

Collective resilience

Abhishek's dengue recovery post-Bigg Boss OTT, with Nischay and fans' support, underscores the strong family bonds.

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