Meet Fujifilm Instax Pal: A palm-sized camera

A compact digital camera designed for instant memories, with unique features and compatibility with their printers.

Innovatively all-digital

Fujifilm's Instax Pal is the first all-digital Instax camera, perfect for spontaneous moments.

Pairs with printers

Unlike traditional Instax cameras, it stores photos for later printing on compatible Instax Link series printers.

Simple design

Featuring a straightforward design with an easy-access shutter button for selfies and quick shots.

Custom shutter sounds

Personalize your experience by recording custom shutter sounds using the app.

Versatile ways to shoot

Supports remote shooting, interval capture, and includes a built-in flash for better lighting.

Limited specs are out

Detailed camera specs, like lens, sensor, and resolution, are undisclosed. We would love to know these soon!

Creative Editing with Pal App

The app offers 18 creative filters, text overlays, and animations for unique photos.

Release Date

Available late October, it will come with Instax Mini Link 2 printer & 10 film packs.

Perfect for youth!

Designed for younger users, its small, colorful build is easy to use, lacking a screen or viewfinder but printing made easy!

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