Brilliant Labs Introduced AI-Powered Smart Glasses

Founded by Bobak Tavangar, the AI-powered smart glasses were created to improve the user experience and offer unique features not found on smartphones.

What's The Name?

Developed by Brilliant Labs, the AI-powered glasses are known as FRAME that offers real-time AI assistance.

AI In Glasses?

Frame merges AI tech with modern design, offering features like real-time translation, on-the-fly image creation, & hands-free searches.

A Revolutionary Magic!

With the help of an open-source platform, users can modify and personalise Frame's features to promote creativity & include personal touch

Encompasses Sleek Design

Frame prioritises style with functionality, offering a fashionable yet classy look for everyday use. So ditch the bulky look!

What Is FRAME's USP?

With Frame's instant translation features, you can easily overcome language barriers available for both visual & audio communication.

On Your Fingertips!

No need to grab your phone! Frame enables hands-free internet searches with results shown directly in your field of vision.

Bring your ideas to life with Frame's AI image creation. Just describe what you want, and look at the magic happening.

A Creator's Delight

The AI-powered smart glasses, Frame, are priced roughly around $349, or INR 29,000, in India.

What's The Price?

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