Meet Asia's Rising Stars featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list 2024

Want to know the bright young talents that are making waves in Asia? Don't worry; Forbes has got you covered. The 2024 30 Under 30 list is out, showcasing the rising stars of tomorrow.

Erica Eng

Despite facing disappointment of moving to the U.S. failed, Erica turned her setback into a success story by creating the award-winning webcomic "Fried Rice."

Abigail Marquez

Known as "Lumpia Queen," Abigail is a trained chef who has also earned impressive milestones in the field of videography & content creation, primarily on TikTok.

 Known for transforming the education sector with innovative digital platforms, Anushka has triumphed in bridging gaps for her audience.

Anushka Rathod

Akshit Bansal & Raghav Arora

Co-founders of Statiq, the boys are known for innovative initiatives related to eco-friendly transport, particularly within India's rapidly growing EV market.

Aleena Nadeem

Nadeem is the CEO and Founder of EduFi in Lahore, Pakistan. She offers innovative financial solutions for higher education with "Study Now Pay Later" concept.

Being a journalist professionally, Sanket is well-known for his leadership in sustainable farming, eco-practices, and praise positive impact on the environment

Sanket Jain

Bhagya Shree Jain

Founder of the Disposal Company, she was featured in 30 Under 30 list showcasing her dedication & innovative approach to addressing environmental challenges

Voice of Baceprot (VoB)

Breaking barriers in the music industry with their bold & empowering voice, VoB inspires societal change through their powerful music.

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