We Played FLAMES With Our Favorite Influencer Couples

FLAMES is a fun game to predict the nature of a relationship with your crush. So, naturally, we played it with the couples we love on the internet: influencers!

Awez & Nagma

Result: Marriage  What we've all been waiting for! When is the ring being popped, Awez? Hello!

Aashna & Armaan

Result: Siblings No way! They may look all color-coordinate and cute together, but its def love in the air.

Unnati & Manav

Result: Marriage This would really be THE wedding. A DamnFam celebration that brings the gang together.

Ritvi & Sarthak

Result: Affectionate That is exactly what they are! They give us such major affection goals as a relationship.

Vishnu & Diksha

Result: Lovers It is no coincidence that their result is the same as Taylor Swift song (Diksha's second love).

Mrunu & Anirudh

Result: Marriage Well, if it ain't Captain Obvious! A wedding is the next step on their beautiful relationship.

Komal & Siddharth

Result: Marriage If this does come true, it would be the fashion event of the season. Aren't we right?

Nikhil & Shanice

Result: Siblings Oops. We understand that they give us family vibes more than anyone - but siblings?

Abhimanyu & Niyati

Result: Enemies This one had us shook. The definition of a healthy relationship on YouTube are enemies?

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