OnePlus12 Review Revealed

The unveiling of the brand-new OnePlus 12 in India showcases numerous features that will enhance the user experience. Let's check out how.

The Launch

OnePlus 12 has launched on January 23rd, 2023 in India with features like 24GB RAM and a bionic motor.

Made Bold Decisions

The brand has made big changes, stopping the Pro series and encountering problems with their latest phone models.

Design Elegance

The phone has a sleek appearance with a glass back and a unique camera bump design showcasing modern yet classic gaze.

The stereo speakers offer loud and clear sound, although the device weighs only 220 grams, making it relatively lightweight.

Providing Dynamic Audio

Buttons on the right side of the phone are slim and easy to reach, but the alert slider placement could be tricky.

Seamless Simplicity

With a high-quality 2K resolution, the display is described as large and crisp, providing an immersive experience.

Get Stunning Visuals

How Many Cameras Does It Have?

The phone has 4 cameras: 3 at the back and a selfie camera at the front. The back cameras are main (wide), ultra-wide, and 3X telephoto.

The phone will be up for sale starting February 6, 2024. You can pre-order it now on the OnePlus website.

Where Can You Buy?

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