First-ever Brazilian OG series, DOM Season 3 is out!

Amazon Prime Release, DOM is back with it Finale Trail! Dive into thrilling new episodes packed with intense drama & captivating storylines. Don’t miss out!

What's The Series About?

This is a real-life story of Pedro Dom, a Brazilian gangster who specialises in robbing luxury homes in Rio de Janeiro, and his police officer father, who wants to protect his son from himself.

Challenges All-Around

Dom also finds himself in a challenging situation where he owes a debt to a drug lord and is relentlessly pursued by the police.

The series delves into the complex father-son relationship between Pedro Dom & Victor, who is dealing with failing health

Family Dynamics

Who Is Victor?

Played by Flávio Tolezani, Victor is a police officer who has devoted his life to combating drug trafficking and is also Pedro's father.

Stellar Cast

The series features a stellar cast including Gabriel Leone as Pedro Dom, Flávio Tolezani as Victor Dantas, Raquel Villar as Jasmin, and more.

What Can You Expect?

Pedro is on the run from both the police & dangerous drug dealers, adding an element of suspense and indicating high-staked narrative.

When's It Releasing?

The finale season, DOM Season 3 has been already released on May 24th, 2024, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Watch it now!

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